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Hey Humble Fish! I’m also a green horn and looking for someone who can educate me in this hobby. Ive heard a lot about you and your articles.
The info Humblefish has is invaluable. But you are definitely doing right by seeking the proper way to keep fish. So many people have issues or leave the hobby over issues that can, for the most part, be prevented. Start it right and it can save so many headaches down the road. I too an extremely happy to see this forum to go up.


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Hi all! Glad to be here! I’m 9 years into the hobby and 2 years and some change into my current 120g set-up. Wrasse and SPS junkie, but I have a few other favorites as well ;)

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I did not see that picture on my phone when I saw your post last nigh, but that tank is amazing. I am about to reset my tank (been saying that for a year now) and you tanks will definitely be one of my inspiration photos.
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