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Hello All!

I am back at it making screen tops. You have a couple options as I have learned what works and what doesn't. There tops are made with aluminium Screen framing that you can get from any hardware store. The corners are 3D Printed and the screen is the clear 1/4 inch nylon netting.

Fully Built Screen tops

The pricing on these will be the length Plus Width - So if you have a 12 x 12 cube you want covered you will pay $24
  • Color Options: White framing or Dark Brown framing (Corners will be Black)
  • You can add any piece you would like like doors or U-Shaped pieces for the same pricing Below
  • Spend more then $50 and get any Extra Part You would like (Such as U-Shaped piece, door, extra corners, esc.)
  • You can from choose from many colors 3D Printed Parts
Build your Own:
You will be able to build your own kits. Simply order what you need and I will include shipping in the total.
  • 4 Corners - Rimless or for Rimmed Tanks - $10
  • Indent (U-Shaped Piece) for cords to run through with spline channel - $4
  • Door for Rimless or Rimmed Tank - $8
  • Full Set - 4 Corners / U-Shaped Piece for Cords / Door - $20
  • Custom pieces - You can request any custom piece you need. Simply shoot me a PM and we will work together but you can expect to pay $10-$20 for 2-4 pieces
  • You can from choose from many colors 3D Printed Parts
Here are some examples:



Examples of the Parts you can order for Build your own:

Thank you guys so much!! Let me know if I can print or make you anything you see above! Happy Reefing
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@Dierks - These are great. You have it broken down into the perect options too (fully built, build your own, extra parts to order etc.).

To be a screen top is a crucial part of your tank. Any fish can jump. It drives me crazy when I see ppl on other forums ask (then argue) about covering their tank. I like that screen tops have some flex/give to them. So when hard-hitting, fast fish (wrasse, diamond goby...) hit screens, they don't impact a hard cover like glass or plexi.

Great work!


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Thank you very much! I have been making the parts for about 2 months now and have learned what works and what doesn't. I want to give people every opportunity to do it themselves if they like. You can save a lot of money doing things DIY if you are handy (I am one of those guys!) I appreciate your kind words and encouragement, it means a lot!


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Awesome. Are you 3d printing custom joints and doors, etc?


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They sit inside Rimless Tanks flush with the top of the glass. The screen is 1/4" clear netting :) Let me know if you have any other questions!