Seaweed for tangs

What do y’all with tangs do for Nori? I went to an LFS and it was $8 for four sheets, $14 for 10 sheets, $40 for 50. That seemed crazy to me.

Can someone recommend fish safe Nori for cheap they use off Amazon or something?

i tried LRS seaweed and i think two little fishies.. and i struck out.. tangs may pick at it.. but i end up removing it at night ... they dont eat it.. my pintail wrasse picks at it more than tangs do..


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I feed Two Little Fishes purple and green, and my Kole tang and Starry Blenny eat it, as do my fairy wrasses, Melanurus wrasse, tomato clowns, etc. I think the only fish that won’t even touch the shredded pieces floating around is my lantern bass.