Red Sea ShakerBreakers 300XL

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My aquarium is a red sea reefer 300xl and is currently home to a pair of clownfish, a Biota radial filefish, a hammer coral, a patch of xenia, and a tuxedo urchin named fancy boi.

I currently house a Biota coral beauty and a Biota blue mandarin in my 20-gallon fish quarantine tank for observation which will end Thursday if all goes well and a mix of SPS corals from tidal gardens in my 10-gallon quarantine tank. So hopefully the tank will have a bit more to look at soon.

My wife and I started this aquarium in a rigid trash can. I had dried and saved my rock and equipment from my last foray into reefing which ended in 2016.

Current Equipment List (12/15/21)

Aquarium: Red Sea Reefer 300XL
Display Start Date: 10/22/21 (Precycled)
Return Pump: Reef Octopus Varios 4
Controller: Neptune Apex
Lighting: 2 Maxspect Ethereals
Skimmer: Bubble Magnus Curve 5
Power Heads: 2 Neptune WAVs running at 10% power
ATO: Neptune ATK
Salt: Tropic Marin Pro Reef
Dosing: Apex DOS - Running RO water

Setup Day




Water/Mixing Station




I will post more recent photos soon!
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