Stocking my redsea S max 650 Tank

Hey Everyone

So the time has come to upgrade my DT which I am part way through doing, below is what I currently have in my tank

-Pyramid Angel
- Magnificent foxface (he will be getting rehomed due to aggression)
-1 Clown
-1 Yellow Tang
-6 Chromis
-1 Porcupine puffer
-1 orange spotted Blenny

The question is what could i put with these fish that would be suitable? I am looking for tang suggestions too because I do like them! Thank you in advance! Bonus if you guys have pictures or have owned the fish that you suggest before.


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Unless you get a larger tang than a yellow, the puffer will end up being the fish you will need to accommodate with that tank
as they have the potential to be over 12” most likely 8-9” and are the messiest eaters with a lots of waste.

I kind of wish I had planned better and added a bristletooth tang with the yellow tang, but my yellow tang is way too territorial now. My porcupine puffer always wants to eat and needs to be petted through the glass.

Do you have an aptasia free tank? Bristletooth filefish are cool and/or a Klein’s Butterflyfish (which I’ve been wanting to get)


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That puffer is going to become a problem as it grows. They will sometimes take a chunk out of other fish, and especially like to nip at the fins. If you really want to keep him, I suggest refocusing your stock list to be a predator tank. Sometimes Acanthurus Tangs are aggressive enough to stand up to a large puffer.