Successful order from Humblefish


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I just wanted to write that I got a shipment of fish from Humblefish on Wednesday. They were really well packaged, double bagged, good amounts of water. Even the packing peanuts were bagged so they didn't spill all over my floor! Fish all ate the first day. Also the pintail wrasse he sent is really nice, I see he still has some listed; I highly recommend them!

I also wanted to add that my order was all budget fish, except for the wrasse. I still had excellent communication and very resonable prices. That's really nice considering these aren't high profit fish for him!
U pick up or shipped?


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I’m interested in your service, where on the panhandle are you, I’m in Mobile? I didn’t see a physical address anywhere.

Paul B

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Long Island NY
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I want to order some livestock from you but I want it right from the sea with no quarantine. As a matter of fact, I don't want my sorder to even see anything being quarantined or be in the same building as that would give them the horrors. :p

I want it right out of the canoe maybe with some bilge water included.

Then I would like you to personally deliver the stuff to me in New York over night. I will pay you an extra $4.37 for this service and I also want a five year, double my money back guarantee.

Can you do that for me good friend? :cool: