Sun or heat after dipping in bleach


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After cleaning buckets and stuff in bleach, we've all heard that you should leave the item in the sun for 2 days. Is the objective of these 2 days to have sunlight on the bleach cleaned item or to just get the item hot/dry?


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Sun will do some damage to plastic buckets so don't over do it. 2 days is fine, but not the kind of thing you want to forget outside and come back to a few weeks or months later. I know, just come look around my side yard lol.

The idea is to have it in direct sunlight. Heat will dry it out, but I don't know if you get a residue left that will just redissolve. Never tried.


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It's not about sunlight or heat, it's about getting it to completely dry out. Of course sunlight and heat help that happen faster. I like the idea of using a fan instead. I have used compressed air to get into hard to reach areas.

/There should be no concerns of residue as long as you're using a bleach that is just a chlorine solution.