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Just a review, since I finally got around to signing in here :)

So far, I have the following ALL from Humblefish:

Two Ocellaris clowns (They were not a pair, but they are now)
Purple Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Blue/Hippo Tang
Long Nose Butterfly

ALL were perfectly healthy, and eating like pigs. The LNB even jumps in with my four tangs and foxface to get its share of nori! I'll be seeing Humblefish soon to pick up my new Regal Angel as well :)

I DO agree though with the concept of "Trust nothing", but I trust anything that has been quarantined by Humblefish.

Besides having quarantined fish, he also will help anyone with no expectation of any personal gain. When I got hit with velvet I was STRESSED! That's when I met him. I think I knew about 80% of what he relayed to me, but the important part was that other 20% and keeping me calm! Catching fish in a 270g tank seemed impossible, and I had written off many fish. He provided support! I still lost many, as it was velvet, but I saved many as well.

It's worth every penny to have a clean, trusted fish and I hope we see more offering it. If I had a little tank, maybe it would be different. But, when playing with a large tank and more expensive/sensitive fish the possible losses FAR exceed the extra cost of a healthy fish. Watching my ich magnet PBT each day reminds me of that :)