Thinking of Putting Up an Anemone Tank

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So, I got bored with my FOWLR since it's about to complete stocking. I figured since it's "difficult"/tedious to keep corals here, why not just have an anemone tank - less maintenance.

I checked out my room and I have good space for a 24"x24"x168" tank. I plan to make it an AIO tank, so the "sump" chamber of the tank will take about 6 - 8" of the width of the tank, which leaves me with a "display" of 24"x16"x18". I'm currently researching on anemone care and I've seen that they can get away with just any reef salt and that nitrates and phosphates aren't that much of a concern. Now here are some of my questions and concerns for the tank:
  1. Rockscape - Would it be ideal if I have one big rockscape placed in the middle or two smaller rockscapes separated by a few inches?
  2. Types of anemones - Which anemones would be good for the tank? I'm looking at BTAs and I plan to keep 2 differently colored ones. Would that work with my tank size? What other anemones would you recommend?
  3. Tank mates - Since it's gonna be a small tank. I was thinking of putting just a pair of designer clownfish. I assume that if I put in clownfish, I won't be able to put in other fish maybe? I was thinking it might be possible to put a possum wrasse, a royal gramma or any small fish that's not an anthias. I'm actually also planning to put in inverts as well. Which shrimp would be good for it? I also plan to put some snails, I assume this wouldn't hurt the anemone.

TIA for the responses!


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Thanks for all your replies everyone! I apologize for the late reply since I was suddenly swamped with work.

I also had time to contemplate and talk with other reefers. I'm actually also now considering to have soft corals (zoas primarily) since they don't require that much maintenance.

Of course, I'm still contemplating about the final plan, but I'll most likely update my final decision with a build thread!