Trying this vacation thing again.

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Last time we went on vacation in November an ice storm went through our area and our power was knocked out for three days. I had my in-laws over to feed the fish, make sure the generator was running and everything else. I had just added a McCoskers wrasse to the aquarium a couple of weeks prior and wanted to make sure he stayed healthy so I had them come over to feed him 3x a day.

We’re going on vacation again in February for a week. I’ve asked a local reefer to look after the aquarium for us. Do you think a feeding every other day once a day would be enough? I’ve read that they’ll be fine, but want to make sure that’s acceptable for a high metabolism fish like a wrasse. I’m not doing an auto feeder because I don’t trust them.


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I use an auto feeder that I’ve found to be very reliable. I had the AFS from Neptune but this one is better, but there are trade offs. The one I use has a 24hr clock movement in the center and you place pegs at different hours, as the clock rotates the pegs will rotate a wheel with pellets or other food in it. So I have one peg set and it will rotate the wheel one click per day.

I love it because it is silent, the only moving part is the clock movement and it’s quiet like a watch. The downside is that it only holds a week worth of food, but that wouldn’t be an issue for this trip. It could be worth trying it in addition to the local Reefer stopping by to feed every other day.

Here is a link if you are interested in trying, less than $20: Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder