Show Off Willie’s 190 plus build.

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I’ve been in and out of the hobby since the late 90’s. It always take me a while to find my groove. So I’m always trying to learn more. Here is my present day set up. It’s a 190 supported by a 80? Gallon sump, connect to a 60 frag and a 55 Fowlr. I run a old school roller mat, mod atb skimmer, cryptic zone, return. Lots of rock and bio bricks in the sump.
I run 2 uv’s. A 40 and 15 ? 24/7 for 2 years, But just recently turned them off to see if I notice anything different. As I’m done with adding fish.
I built my own algae scrubber. This is version 2.0😂. It’s working well. Kalk thru a reactor. Khg for testing. Dos for all and cal. Dos for 2 gallons a day automatic water change. Old apex for ??? Controller. As for lighting. DT is 3 Ghl, 2 AliExpress strip bar. Frag system is maxspect 200 and a aqua knight. Fowlr is 3 aqua knights. This setup seems to be working very well for me so far.
hope you guys like it.


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