Waterbox Wrangy's Waterbox Wreef - Dungeon Edition

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Who's ready for a R2R thread dump lol Here's the basic setup and info on the tank!

Display System:
Strike up Date:
25th October, 2019
Display Tank: Waterbox Reef Pro 170.4/5 (130g DT)
Display Lighting: 3x Ecotech XR30 Radion G4 Pro's
Stand: Lovely Waterbox stand.
Hood: Rimless tank with no hood
Sump: Waterbox sump for simplicity, plans may change though!
Refugium: Given my fish load and feeding that will be happening, I may setup an algae reactor

Support systems:
System Water:
ASW Red Sea Blue Bucket
Display Water circulation: Two MP40WQD's plus a couple of Tunze
Return Pump: Ecotech Vectra M1
Skimmer: RLSS R8-i
Evaporation Top Up: ATO

Chemical Support:
Geo's Reef calcium reactor all the way with the appearance of some Coral Essentials goodies!

Scaled Friends:
Now this is where the real fun begins as I've leaped forth in tank size and it opens up a world of new possibilities for whom I will be able to keep! My current friends are:
  • chaetodon burgessi ("Burgers" the Burgessi Butterflyfish)
  • ctenochaetus tominiensis (Tomini Tang)
  • centropyge aurantonotus (Flameback Angelfish)
  • premnas biaculeatus (A pair of gold nugget maroons)
My overall plans for the tank are to imitate two of my all time favourite tanks that keep coral tanks with angels and butterflies in them! Bryn Roberts and Tanne Hoff are those tank owners and they have fantastic setup's that I adore!! So be on the look out for some weird and wonderful butterflyfish that I have in mind and some hopefully interesting angels for the tank!

All in all, I hope everyone can enjoy the ride with me as I love sharing my build and hopefully I have a wonderful reef filled with sps and fish that I yell at for picking on my sps!! Updates will come as I have them and I'll post some pictures of the rooms and plans as they develop!!

New FTS as of the 25th October :D

Well I've done some more thinking about stocking and for the angel side of things I'm not going to get any large angels at this stage. The angel focus for the tank will be a wide variety of dwarf angels!
  • centropyge colini (colini angelfish)
  • centropyge potteri (potters angelfish)
  • centropyge aurantia (golden angelfish)
  • centropyge multicolour (multiolour angelfish)
  • centropyge loricula (flame angelfish)
  • centropyge venustus (venustus angelfish)

For the butterflies I'll have and hope to have:
  • chaetodon burgessi ("Burgers" the Burgessi butterflyfish)
  • chaetodon declivis (Declivis butterflyfish)
  • chaetodon mitratus (mitratus butterflyfish)
  • prognathodes marcellae (French butterflyfish)
  • forcipiger flavissimus (longnose butterflyfish)
  • At least one of the really not "reef safe" butterflies haha

And the final main attraction is the wrasse for the tank:
  • cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis (Rhomboid Wrasse)
  • cirrhilabrus shutmani (magma wrasse)
  • cirrhilabrus isosceles (pintail wrasse)
  • At least two other groovy fairies but that's open to who I take a liking too :p

As you can see I very much want to have a heavily stocked tank with lots of life and personalities in it :D
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There's been a lot of up and down with the tank, a massive bacteria bloom followed by endless amounts of algae but with the new year and post blackout period, it's finally looking clean!

Given how open this lovely forum is, I suffer from depression and this year has been real rough for a lot of obvious reasons haha but it's been extra rough tank wise with absolutely no luck with fish or the tank but things are turning around and I'm really hoping to make this my best fish and coral tank to date!! :)


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Okay, so I thought I'd make a bit more of an in-depth post and introduction for myself for everyone that might not have met me :) I'm an Aussie reefer and I've had reef tanks for about 10 years now but been in love with them much longer! I've had several different tanks and the waterbox is the largest because we bought a house at the end of 2019 and I had the space for some more freedom! As I mentioned it's been a pretty rough ride with the tank to date but we're finally getting on top of it!

It started out with the worst algae bloom I've ever seen at the beginning of last year:


So I added a UV to the tank and it cleared it up really nicely, however, it left me with a horrible parting gift that I battle all through last year! This fuzzy bull💩 lol

Despite that and some mental health issues we persisted and after doing a blackout for two weeks over Christmas, the rocks are finally clean!! I've been running the radions at 30% only blues for the last three weeks or so to give it as little chance to come back as possible and it seems to have worked out well! So now the tank is clean, I'm planning on getting through about 300-400L in water changes over the coming couple of weeks to really get things back on track. I really want to the tank into the butterfly, wrasse and angel sps reef I dream about!


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We have two lovely gremlins that live with us and Georgia and I are definitely crazy cat people!! Agatha (2yrs old) is a Bombay/Mandalay and Minsky (10yrs old) is a blue-grey Burmese. They're both absolutely wonderful cats that we love to bit!!






The terrible two!





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Some of my other interests involve gardening, mainly roses, peppers and bonsai. I'm finally able to live my BBQing dreams now we have a charcoal Weber on our balcony too!


I'm also a big big tattoo person lol this is my most recent piece! 7hrs spread over two sessions!


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Here is my little dungeon that I'm allowed to decorate and do whatever I please! Haha I'm not allowed to have design input upstairs 😂 fair enough too hahaha I game, reef and when I feel motivated paint Warhammer down here!


I'm a disgusting RGB fan when it comes to pc lol


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Here is my little dungeon that I'm allowed to decorate and do whatever I please! Haha I'm not allowed to have design input upstairs 😂 fair enough too hahaha I game, reef and when I feel motivated paint Warhammer down here!
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I'm a disgusting RGB fan when it comes to pc lol


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Tank looks great!! I also have my tank tucked away in my office. :D
I spend a lot of time there so it's a great place for a tank! Totally not because I'm not allowed to have it elsewhere :censored:

Once the tank gets more action going you might need a mirror above your monitor so you can see it while gaming/working!

Idk why but I also have my back to my tank when at my desk. I suppose it could get distracting
hahaha that's why a spinning chair is a must! lol While I'm playing games like Tarkov or Battlefield I think the movement of the fish in the corner of my eye would be super distracting haha

Waiting for the “beard hair” debut 🤣
We need Maxx for that :ROFLMAO: it's no fun if I can't get his reaction hahaha

Thanks mate! I'm pretty happy with my little dungeon, the best part is the laundry is behind me so it's a perfect spot for a tank!