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Good morning, can I connect a UV sterilizer to my manifold and then tap back into my return line. Sump is in the basement so this is easier than running a line from the uv to the display.
Hi, I have a dogface pufferfish who suddenly stopped eating and hiding in the corner of the tank. We noticed that he started bloating, his belly turned black, and he keeps turning on his side like he’s in pain. We think he has an infection, but we have no idea what it is or how to help him; this has never happened before in the seven years we’ve had him. If someone knows what’s wrong, please help!


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currently planning a flight at the end of the month to a place, far, far away. Looking at prospects and reconnecting with old friends.
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I was wondering where you had went lol
Yeah, been just trying to figure my way out of the mess I am in.
Hello! Thank you for all of your contributions to the hobby! I have learned much from reading your posts. I have a question...where do you send your water samples for edna testing for marine velvet? Thank you sir!