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Hello I'm treating a puffer and triggers for ick The triggers were fine seemingly the clown trigger had some tail rot issues now it's expanded to my humahoma I am using cupermine I was wondering what other medication I could use for bacterial infection at the same time

I hope all is well. I read that you have 225 gallon fowler tank. I know you proactively qt fish. I’m all about prevention! What are your methods outside TTM? What’s your ongoing prevention in your fowler? I know you can dose hydrogen peroxide as a preventative. Do you do this regular basis within your fowler? I know pretty loaded questions just curious. Appreciate any reply.
Hello Everyone. I have a yellow tang in quarantine that is in chelates copper. It took about a week to get it up to therapeutic. He is now showing signs of what looks like broken blood vessels on his head. He is eating well, lots of nori, hair Algea and meaty foods soaked in selcon. What is this and what should I do about it?
Hey Buddy, Simply checking in to see if you are okay. I know you were close to the fires up there in the North-west. You are in my thoughts buddy, hope you are well.
Big G
Big G
Howdy. Good to hear from you! Incredible devastation in Southern Oregon. 2400 homes and 100 businesses burned to the ground in just over an hour.

There's a chance for some rain showers later today. We haven't had any rain for over 3 months . . . .
That is terrible, sucks you and your community have to go through this. I hope it comes under control sooner then later, and I will hope for that rain as well.
Just reading this now. Gary, I wish I could send you some of the rain that this hurricane just dumped on us here in Florida. Thoughts and prayers are with you, my friend!
I lost too many fish with the stressful and mistake prone TTM. Now that I have discovered this forum, I am determined to take all the proper steps as described herein. Along with that, I look forward to introducing only pre-quarantined inverts with your help.
Gotta ask, who is the troll, I want to send him a PM and scare the crap out of them... I promise I won't make it public.
I am not sure if you website is up to date! But I have been on the hunt Bimacs for a while now. I was looking for three females, looks like you MIGHT have two. I have yet to keep this fish, because I have been waiting to have a large enough tank to house them comfortably, 4 years later now I can.
I am curious your experience on qty of these any different that standard (singulars, trios, 5 females 1 male).

Saw the fish list and am interested in possibly the following:

Masuda Hogfish
Pajama Cardinal (how many of these do you have?) Looking for about 4
Spotted Mandarin Goby

first time on this forum. Some great information here. 😁 is it ok to use a vitamin supplement while fish are in QT? I am using Brightwell’s Vita Marin-M on my main display..
I'm an old gal who is fascinated by anything that lives in saltwater. I love my fish tanks, but I'm getting older, so I've decided to downsize. As the fish pass, hopefully from old age, I will break down some tanks. Eventually, I want to take care of only one tank, my 180 gallon FOWLR. I'm also a new member here and glad to have found this site. :)