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I'm an old gal who is fascinated by anything that lives in saltwater. I love my fish tanks, but I'm getting older, so I've decided to downsize. As the fish pass, hopefully from old age, I will break down some tanks. Eventually, I want to take care of only one tank, my 180 gallon FOWLR. I'm also a new member here and glad to have found this site. :)
125 Reef Savvy currently (slowly) under construction.
Just found this site! Great stuff, I’ve been stocking my DT, 65 gal mixed reef with 20 gal sump. Wish I had found you sooner! All fish are in but it’s still early in the process. The coral beauty was in QT but was being stressed by the small size of the QT so I moved him over. He seems to be feeding well and is looking better but still has some spots. I’m betting it is/was lympho!!