TTM for Velvet! (new)

Important: Tank Transfer Method is most effective when water temperature and salinity are kept within this range…
Temp: 24C/76F – 28C/82F
Salinity: 27ppt / 1.020 SG – 35ppt / 1.026 SG

Tank Transfer Method For Velvet

Below is a TTM schedule which will eliminate both Ich & velvet:

Day 1 – fish in tank
Day 2 – 1st transfer at 36 hours
Day 4 – 2nd transfer at 36 hours
Day 5 – 3rd transfer at 36 hours
Day 7 – 4th transfer at 36 hours
Day 10 – 5th transfer at 71 hours
Day 13 – 6th transfer at 71 hours

^^ No chemicals (such as H2O2) required.

Basis: Assuming worst case scenario, and velvet trophonts stop dropping off a fish immediately after going into a tank, you have around 48 hours until the tomonts begin releasing free swimmers (that reinfect the fish). So, a 36 hour transfer moves the fish away from the threat before this can happen. However, velvet trophonts can also remain on a fish for as long as 96 hours so that is why you have to do more than one transfer @ 36 hours.

The “standard” 72 hour transfer (or 71 hours for good measure) can resume only near the tail end, once the threat of velvet is gone and you are just concerned about the possibility of Ich (which can remain on the fish for a longer duration – 7 days).

The above TTM schedule was once just a theory of mine, but has now been successfully tested multiple times!